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Provides ethical access to the heart of the oldest rainforest on the planet

Unspoiled by artificial structures and other impediments of mainstream visitor-management, this triumph of natural wonder and awe-inspiring beauty reveals hidden riches and inspirational insights.  High quality guided interpreted tours showcase unique biodiversity and exceptional rainforest beauty in small.  There is no better way to successfully engage with such elusive complexity and intricacy than through the expertise of long-term human inhabitants.  This vitally important extra step, which around 99.5% of visitors that cross the Daintree River ferry fail to engage, draws from the rainforest its human voice and the intellectual property of generations of attentive inhabitants.

Access is available to discerning travellers, through either two or four-hour guided, interpreted walking tours.  Experiencing Daintree Rainforest with a local expert explains why this privately-owned rainforest was compulsorily inscribed onto the World Heritage List.  Participation also ensures that your payments contribute to conservation and protection of a global treasure.  Maintaining the natural integrity of the World Heritage landscape means that access is not universally available and may be unsuitable for some with mobility limitations.  Wildlife sightings are also unpredictable, so participants must accept the risks of a genuine wilderness experience.


Long-term human inhabitancy has accumulated a unique collection of faunal, floral, fungal and panoramic images to showcase a wealth of defining attributes.

Extraordinary Values

“An excellent insight into our heritage rainforests. You come away with a deeper understanding of its beauty, the interdependence of plants and animals and gratitude that this family is there to care for this part important piece of our world. Also saw a cassowary. Amazing.”

Rosemary, C., N.S.W., Australia

“Tremendous knowledge and lively explanation of forest, nature and its relation to mankind was stunning. A perfect narrative while walking through the wood. Having left Australia three weeks ago, stories are still present and give me plenty to think about. Recommend to give the longer tour the edge. It will allow yourself enough time to fully immerse into the impressive surroundings! Very recommended! This is what you want to do when trying to avoid the typical tourist activities!”

Patrick, H., Zurich, Switzerland


When it comes to our rainforest knowledge, we’re proud to say we’re different.  From our long-term human inhabitancy, we provide greater breadth and depth of understanding, which translates into a more holistic presentation.